About Us


PTS is a company that helps to discover and develop the creative talents of kids and teenagers. From an early age, we help children identify their creative abilities. Thereafter, we help the kids develop and harness their creative abilities and talents. This service is fundamental as it helps children to develop vital skills, retain creativity, and set them on a path to fulfillment. PTS discovers the talents of these young minds and help them work on their strengths to develop them not just in the creative aspect but attitude as well.


We see the genius in every child which is why we have devoted ourselves to helping them develop it. However, we also ensure that we help the children to develop the right attitude and vital social skills too. We believe in the commonality of humans regardless of the diverse ways in which we find expression for our personalities. Therefore, we teach the children we work with to be empathetic, passionate, and socially responsible.


Groom young minds to harness their creativity by discovering and engaging them in artistic activities.


Be one of the major sources of creative, independent, reliable, and responsible young citizens of the country.