Artwork Entry Form for Exhibition

Art exhibition for kids and teens
…From the First Art Exhibition for Kids and Teens in Nigeria
September 3, 2016
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Audition for ‘PATCHES’ the Musical holds
August 1, 2018

Artwork Entry Form for Exhibition

Rules for The Exhibition
• This Art Exhibition is open to Government-Approved private schools and individually talented kids and teens in Nigeria only.
• Schools can submit up to 10 entries while individuals can submit up to 5 entries.
• The age range of the artists qualified to submit their entries are 3-17.
• A registration form will be filled online from . It will be cover the registration of the artwork. The online portal will be opened for download from June 25th, 2018. A confirmation email will be sent to you once you submit your application.
• Every 2-dimensional artwork must be properly framed and 3-dimensional artworks should be well presented.
• All artworks should be submitted to Children Living with Cancer Foundation office at 10, Ayanboye street, Anthony, Lagos or call Emmanuel on 09099356716.
• Deadline for submission of artworks is 10th August, 2018.
• Only selected artworks will be exhibited. You will be notified if your artwork has been approved or not to ensure return of works not approved for exhibition.
• The presence of the artists will be necessary on the exhibition day.
• Artworks should have a price tag in case it gets a buyer. Artworks that are not bought will be returned to the owners (except they insist to keep it with the studio or foundation till its sold)
• For each artwork sold, 40% goes to the artist while 60% goes to the foundation and studio.
• You can also donate your artwork fully to be sold to support the children living with cancer foundation.
• More information about the exhibition will be passed across to qualified schools and artists.
• Email for more info or if you want to schedule a visit to any of the cancer children’s ward in Lagos to show support or make artworks with them.


  1. Daniella soje is a 10 year old Nigerian Artist, A multiple Award winner, who has participated in various art competitions, she is the CEO of “Daniella Art Studio” she started her artistic design at the early age of 5, she would write stories and illustrate them in drawing and she will ask her if she could sell it to kids in the neighbourhood . she presently uses househood materials such as toothpick,match sticks ,beads,carayon and paint etc to make lovely amazing design .she had her first sole art exhibition and sold out all her art works at the exhibition, she is the first 10-year-old to organize a tooth pick collage art exhibition. she as sold over a thousand copies of her artworks

    she was recently awarded the MOST CREATIVE BUSSINESS IDEA at the kidentreprenur fair( Kentfair) ,the BEST CREATIVE KID ENTREPRENEUR by ACE AWARDS, and the creative personality of the year by Nigerian Child Award she has enjoyed tremendous achievement since the inception of her business in October 2017. she has been featured in the Guardian Newspaper and Guardian TV as a kidentreprenur, she featured on Nnenna and friends Tv show on WAP TV. she has also been featured on major social media platforms in various Nigerian blogs and international blogs such as, cocowondersblog,, etc

    she is presently organizing a summer class for kids where she will teach kids how to make toothpick collage and beads design.

    she hopes to teach, empower and inspire other kids as she moves on in my Entrepreneurship career.

    you can check more of her artworks on her

    Facebook page-: Daniella art studio

    instagram page-: Daniellasoje_art_studio

    YouTube page -: Daniella Art Studio

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