Kid/Teen of the Quater

Art exhibition for kids and teens
…From the First Art Exhibition for Kids and Teens in Nigeria
September 3, 2016

Kid/Teen of the Quater

Meet our exceptionally talented and resourceful kids and teenagers who are set to change the world with their talents.

Is your Kid/Teen qualified to be recognised, let them join the studio, meet our criteria and bring it on!




Name: Emokpaire Phoebe

Nickname: Angel

Date of Birth: 5- May- 2006

Talents: Singer, Dancer, Actress, Model, Craft Making (shambala)

Achievements: Has been her class Captain since Nursery 1

                            She has always topped her class every year till date

                            One of the official makers of Ankara notebooks and Shambala for Phinny’s Plain and Pattern

Favourite Colour:Pink

Favourite Food: Any solid Nigerian food

Favourite Subject: Basic Science

Future Ambition: Teacher

Advice to other Kids: Always be the best at what you do because what is worth doing is worth doing well

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