We have other subsidiaries of the studio which we are working on to give your kids and teens the full benefit of being young.

One of the major brands is PHINNY’S PLAIN AND PATTERN where Ankara educational and fashion products are made for sale. We also give trainings on basic Ankara craft.

Phinny’s plain and pattern

The link to the site is:


Another brand for kids and teens is PHINNY’S FLEXI-CRAFT CLUB for schools and organizations that want us to have flexibility and craft training and workshops in their schools. You can also pay individually to be a part of it in out studio. You can contact us through our business line if you’re interested: 08035517504

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A subsidiary of Phinny’s Talent Studio

We also have a natural skin care line that caters for the skin of kids and teenagers only. Being sensitive means they have to use products made specially for the care of their skin with no side effect. This enables them to grow up having a skin that is well nourished and very healthy. Its still undergoing work but will start in due time.

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A line of organic skin care for kids and teens.

As a kid/Teen oriented brand, we can’t be complete without care for the very young ones. We want to take some stress off you through our baby-sitting services. You do not have to worry when you have a date, an outing, an impromptu task to complete or a meeting where you need to go without your kids. We also use it as a medium to engage young people positively for empowerment. We have trained teenagers that are capable of taking care and looking after your kids within the time frame you request for. We are launching soon!
Be ready for us!

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baby sitting services from Phinny’s Talent Studio